Recently spotted...

Things have been busy though there haven't been too many new designs to share (just yet anyways!) I've been working on birth announcements, art prints and now save the dates. These projects have been a nice change from the majorly holiday-themed designs of the spring and early summer. I've also been working on wrapping up the Keen Peachy business plan. A very...very slow work in progress! I wanted to share an image that I came across actually while researching some pattern ideas. I went to West Elm's site to look at their lovely textiles, rugs and pillows, and I grabbed this photo because I liked the rug pattern. Only later did I see that my design, Field Sketch, is in the background! I hope to share more new work soon, but until then...



Writer's Block Art Print Now Available!

Hello, today I am announcing a new art print that's available on Minted. "Writer's Block" has been chosen as an Editor's Pick in Minted's "Eye of the Beholder" art print challenge. This photograph was taking in our home of one of my husband's typewriters. His desk has soft window light that filters in and makes a really great naturally-lit back drop against his black desk. This is a mid-century Aztec typewriter, and I especially love the two-tone gold and green. The print is now available for sale and is available in 7x5" all the way up to 60x44". A variety of frame options are available too! Check it out here.


Keen Peachy Etsy Shop Addition

Hello! I have a new 8x10 art print that has been added to the Keen Peachy Etsy shop. This design is called "Sedimentary." It is minimal and colorful, yet it reminded me of layers of earth (in an abstract kind of way), hence the name "Sedimentary." It currently comes in red and turquoise, but it would look great in about any room and can really add some pop to neutral rooms in particular.

Also today voting opens for a journal/notebook challenge with Minted. You can see (and vote) for my three entries below! I took my hand at minimal and modern with the design "Modern Wedding," handpainted and textural with "Sea Stripes," and finally, handlettered and quirky with "Eureka." Customers vote for designs to be featured for sale on Minted. Voting ends Monday, August 18.



Newly Featured and a New Art Print

Hello! I've been away for a bit! I've been busy on vacation, busy designing and then busy taking a break from design! I'm finding I'm slowing down a little bit this month. After several months of a variety of projects and deadlines, it's getting harder to get motivated, especially with these pretty July days! Today, however, I wanted to share a feature I recently came across on the blog "Cool Mom Picks." And I wanted to preview a new addition to the Keen Peachy Etsy shop.

My kid's birthday party invitation design, Starry Sleepover, is featured as one of the summer picks on the Cool Mom Picks site, which you can read more about here.

I have also recently added a new art print to the Etsy shop. It's called "Solstice" and is an 8x8" print. This design is all about color! I created this after the long, polar vortex-driven winter. I had spring and summer on my mind! Solstice is a bold and bright abstract print that is the perfect way to bring in some color to your home or office. 


Holiday Party Invitation Designs

Hello! I've been busy working on more designs lately, and here are two of my latest! The latest holiday invite challenge is now open for voting. The first design is called "A Slice of Thanks." This is a Thanksgiving-inspired invite that has a diecut circle shape. My hubby helped with the copy, which really pulls the concept together! My second design is called "Bright Lights" and is a general holiday party invitation featuring glowing Christmas lights. Enjoy!



More Holiday Voting!

Hello! I've been busy with more holiday designs. This gets tougher and tougher the hotter it gets! Here is the latest batch that could use your votes! The first are holiday nonphoto cards. 1. Yule Haul. This idea came to me when I was trying to sleep one night. I hurried to write it down in the dark before I forgot! A fun take on a moving announcment. 2. Holly Jolly Stripes. This design may look familiar from a photo card entry. The one seen here is a variation of that bold and colorful design. 3. Brushed Noel. A fresh, painterly design with a unique palette and classic message. 4. Christ in Christmas. I thought there was a way to show this message simply and visually using typography and a bold color palette. Voting for holiday nonphoto cards ends June 30.

Corporate holiday cards are also open for voting right now. I currently have several designs for that audience as well. 1. Highlight of Our Year. A casual, yet professional Top 10 of the year highlighting the accomplishments of your business. Of course the Number 1 highlight is working with great clients! 2. Bold Baronial. As the name says, this design is bold and colorful. Minimal yet personal for a nontraditional corporate holiday card. 3. The Skinny. This design shows off your favorite business photo gracing it with modern, skinny typography. 4. Sweet Day. A homemade design perfect for the bakery or confection shoppe. Wish your clients a sweet holiday with nothing sweeter than sugar cookies! Voting for corporate holiday designs ends June 24.