Out of the Box award

 Image from http://www.minted.com/julep/2013/08/30/kids-birthday-party-invites-and-decor-special-prize-winners/

My Modern Color Dipped design for minted.com's Icing on the Cake Kid’s Birthday Party Décor Challenge has recently won a special award! The design was selected for the "Out of the Box Award, for an original, fresh take on birthday party decor." Woo hoo! I was picturing a bold, clean and modern design for this entry. I struggled to find type that worked, and then I thought, this is kind of an uber-modern, Swiss-esque design, so why not go clean and modern with Helvetica? It was exciting to see that others saw my vision for this. The primary colors give it a youthful vibe, yet it could be used for all ages. Not to mention how great it would look with any party decorations! Coming soon for purchase!

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