West Elm love

Oh my gosh, I am losing my mind over here! My drawing "Field Sketch" is finally for sale at west elm!! I have to admit, I've been stalking the west elm blog and website since April with the small hope that I would see my design available. I checked today, and it's there! It looks great, too, if I might say! To catch you up, in April of this year Minted partnered with west elm to create an art print challenge. Over 1400 entries were submitted, and there was absolutely one amazing piece after another. The Minted community and judges selected prints, and west elm judges selected 25 prints including my design, "Field Sketch." To see all of the entries, click here.

Not only is it exciting to be featured by a national brand, but my husband and I loooove west elm. We're serious nerds about the catalogs. When one comes in the mail we don't look at them until both of us can look through it together. Most of the time we take it to bed that night and just pore over the rooms and daydream together and plan for our future house. (I told you, we're nerds...) Here are a couple of images from west elm's site. I'm loving the couch image..."Field Sketch" is with good company! To order your own, click here.

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