Etsy shop is now open!

Good morning! I'm happy to finally announce that my Etsy shop is now open! After thinking and researching and dreaming for a couple of years now, I finally just bit the bullet and put one of my designs up. I've long wanted to build a collection to start with, but it starts with one step! I recently had my first "pop-up" shop experience in Chicago and after such good response, and from my husband's prompting, I finally got my Etsy shop open!

The first piece is called "Geo Feathers." It is an 8x10 art print featuring 5 feathers (1 for each of my sisters and brother-in-law). Our last name means "feather," so last year for Christmas I made each of them a stained glass suncatcher of a feather. I loved the colors of each of them alone, and especially together, so I thought I would make a 2-dimensional design from them. Now the feathers live on in this bold and modern print, which would look great in pretty much any room of the house!

Here are 2 of the suncatchers I made last year that were the inspiration for this print:

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