For your swee(tea)

I've enjoyed a long break since New Year's day, and with the snow storm we've had, I've had snow days too! With some extra time, I've been trying to get a couple more things added to my Etsy shop. I designed this tea-inspired tag last Valentine's Day for a Valentine swap in my office. I had one of the sweetest people as a recipient, so I thought it would be fun to play off of that word. I came up with "You are a sweetea," and designed a card that included a bag of tea as well. I'm not sure if I knew it at the time, but the recipient is a huge tea drinker too! Maybe I got lucky with that one. I updated the design and recently added it to the shop. Valentine Tea Cards are folded around your favorite tea, and the heart squares are easily attached to the string of your tea. Check out photos below, and the cards can be found here.

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