Cart before the horse ... It's time for a business plan

So I've been moving along with the cart before the horse, but at least I started moving, right? I knew (and read over and over again) that I really needed to put my business plan in writing before starting a new business venture. I even wanted to do develop one, but I think I haven't wanted to spend the time it takes to do it right...so I haven't done it much at all...until now. Maybe it's that it's the millionth-and-one thing I've read that reiterates this same point, or who knows what, but I'm making time to do this...even if it isn't totally perfect. Though striving for perfection can be great for quality, attention to detail and order, I've found for a lot of my life, it can also lead me to paralysis. That said, Keen Peachy has started without a plan, and even better, it's now getting a plan!

Currently, I'm in the analysis phase. I've loosely figured out my mission, vision and compentency statements, as well as core values. As you can see I made lists, then smaller and smaller lists until I came up with my values. Even harder for me is now defining my product(s), competition, and my own niche. Honestly, I'm really indecisive about what I want my business to be or what I'd most like to do or become, so this part is hard for me. I often see how saturated the handmade, paper goods and stationery markets are, and I feel defeated before I start. Honing in on my differentiation is the most challenging part. My hope has been that this will just magically fall into my lap or there will be a giant, lit up sign telling me what it is. This happens, right? Despite the odds of that happening, I still believe I'll be discovering a lot of this as I move forward, and for now I will possibly have to make some educated guesses. My next steps are to try to figure out what I am best at, what I enjoy most and is there a way it can be profitable too? No small task, but I know it will be such a useful plan to have as a foundation moving forward.

To name a few helpful resources, I'm currently reading Etsy-preneurship by Jason Malinak, which has been the lucky millionth-and-one resource to remind me of the importance of a business plan. I also check out Braid Creative, Etsy blogs, Design Sponge Biz Ladies series and have read a few other books which have been great resources too. Oh, and on Fridays, my husband and I watch Shark Tank. (How don't I have this business plan finished with reality television as a guide?!) More to come on this process!

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