New art prints for voting

Hello! I've recently submitted new art for the latest Minted art print challenge. The Eye of the Beholder art print challenge is now open for voting, and I would love your votes! Below are my entries. 1. Solstice: This is one of my first attempts at digital abstract art. I just wanted to make something colorful, textural and bright. After a long, awful winter, I think I needed to make something colorful! 2. Black Keys: This photograph is of the mid-century typewriter that sits on my husband's desk. It has so much character, and it even still works! 3. Writer's Block: Another photo of my husband's vintage typewriter. The composition of this photograph is more about the object and tool itself. 4. Do Not Tease the Animals: Finally another photograph from my family's big old barn. Great aunts and uncles who lived there before have so many hand painted and hand written signs throughout, and this one is one of my favorites. If you get a chance, please vote!

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