Holiday + New Years' Photo Card Entries Need Your Votes!

Hello! Long time, no post! I've been working like mad to get holiday photo card entries finished for Minted's latest (and biggest) challenge, the "Let it Snow! Holiday + New Year's Photo Card Challenge." My office is a mess, and I have been experimenting with everything from acrylics, to gouache, to watercolors, to pen & ink! I managed to pull together 12 entries, and voting is now open! The first three feature hand-painted artwork I created. 1. Watercolor Pine Watercolor hand-painted pine boughs frame a classic family photo. 2. Berry Wreath This design was a new approach for me. Painting in a loose style, this watercolor wreath is fresh and lively with pen and ink details. 3. Ring True Last year I designed a "ring in the new year"-themed card, and I thought the wedding bell idea was another unique approach to the concept but executed in a more formal style this time around.

The next batch of entries are my more modern designs. 1. Holly Jolly Stripes A card version of gift wrap I recently designed, this design is bold, modern and colorful. 2. Modern Baronial A multi-photo card that features family photos in a unique way with classic typography. 3. The Skinny This card has turned out to be one of my favorites. It features a bold, skinny font that is understated even in its boldness. 4. Starbright This card design is another take on the multi-photo holiday card. It's casual and bold and perfect for kid photos! 5. Light Year The inspiration for this design comes from the New Year ball drop. The ball is covered in colorful lights, so I thought there could be a fun way to put 2015 in lights in the night sky. 6. Family Countdown 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year! The final modern entry is crisp and clean to showcase your favorite pics.

The final holiday entries are classic and timeless. 1. Sophisticate Classic type with Christmas wishes stand out on a green ombre screen of color. 2. Let's Toast Light champagne bubbles rise up from the bottom of this sweet and simple New Year card. 3. Timeless Wish A timeless sentiment with beautifully simple type. That wraps up my latest Minted challenge entries. Voting is open until May 27, and I'd love your votes!

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