More Holiday Voting!

Hello! I've been busy with more holiday designs. This gets tougher and tougher the hotter it gets! Here is the latest batch that could use your votes! The first are holiday nonphoto cards. 1. Yule Haul. This idea came to me when I was trying to sleep one night. I hurried to write it down in the dark before I forgot! A fun take on a moving announcment. 2. Holly Jolly Stripes. This design may look familiar from a photo card entry. The one seen here is a variation of that bold and colorful design. 3. Brushed Noel. A fresh, painterly design with a unique palette and classic message. 4. Christ in Christmas. I thought there was a way to show this message simply and visually using typography and a bold color palette. Voting for holiday nonphoto cards ends June 30.

Corporate holiday cards are also open for voting right now. I currently have several designs for that audience as well. 1. Highlight of Our Year. A casual, yet professional Top 10 of the year highlighting the accomplishments of your business. Of course the Number 1 highlight is working with great clients! 2. Bold Baronial. As the name says, this design is bold and colorful. Minimal yet personal for a nontraditional corporate holiday card. 3. The Skinny. This design shows off your favorite business photo gracing it with modern, skinny typography. 4. Sweet Day. A homemade design perfect for the bakery or confection shoppe. Wish your clients a sweet holiday with nothing sweeter than sugar cookies! Voting for corporate holiday designs ends June 24.

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