Newly Featured and a New Art Print

Hello! I've been away for a bit! I've been busy on vacation, busy designing and then busy taking a break from design! I'm finding I'm slowing down a little bit this month. After several months of a variety of projects and deadlines, it's getting harder to get motivated, especially with these pretty July days! Today, however, I wanted to share a feature I recently came across on the blog "Cool Mom Picks." And I wanted to preview a new addition to the Keen Peachy Etsy shop.

My kid's birthday party invitation design, Starry Sleepover, is featured as one of the summer picks on the Cool Mom Picks site, which you can read more about here.

I have also recently added a new art print to the Etsy shop. It's called "Solstice" and is an 8x8" print. This design is all about color! I created this after the long, polar vortex-driven winter. I had spring and summer on my mind! Solstice is a bold and bright abstract print that is the perfect way to bring in some color to your home or office. 

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