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Hello! I'm a big fan of many designers and artists of all kinds, and one of my favorite web design businesses is called Aeolidia based out of Seattle. I don't know how I initially came across their work, but they are one of those businesses full of talent that if I ever make it big (right!) I want them to design my website. They also do branding, logo design, copywriting, etc. I follow their blog and get a newsletter and always find so much helpful info as a new business owner. That said, Aeolidia recently had some giveaways, and I was lucky to be able to get a quick consult for Keen Peachy with the founder Arianne Foulks. The consult was helpful in reconfirming things I already had an inkling about as well as encouraging me in some areas I had been second guessing (i.e., Keen Peachy as a business name!) Arianne featured the consult on the blog yesterday, and I thought I'd share! You can read about it here.

Image courtesy of Aeolidia

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