New Kid's Stationery Out!

Happy New Year! I'm slowly getting back to the swing of things after an especially busy Christmas season. I've been anxiously waiting for my new kid's stationery designs to come out, and they're finally here! The first is called "Experimental," and it's perfect for the kid who loves science and experiments. (Hopefully the green clouds are only fictional!) The second design is called "Pen Pal." It is a simple concept with a pencil and paper but with retro flair. This design looked so much different when I first started, but with my husband's help and creative eye, he helped me come up with this design. Thanks, dear! Look forward to more new designs coming soon. Have a great start to 2015!

Experimental shown in Sour Lime:
Also available in Ocean, Highlighter and Grape:

Pen Pal shown in School Bus:

Also available in Aquarium, Apple and Violet:

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