Update: continuing juggling act

Art by Pink Cheeks Studios on Etsy

First of all, isn't this art great? I came across this on Etsy. It's by Pink Cheeks Studios out of good ole Louisiana, and it fits my sentiment of feeling like I'm just juggling right now. (It may really be happening all of the time, but maybe lately I feel like four different people with juggling acts all of their own. Yeah, that's what it is.) I just wanted to post a quick bit this week...I've been too busy to post lately, but it doesn't mean nothing's going on! It's the opposite...it's because stuff is going on! Business plan development is continuing, and it's kind of a hold up in a lot of ways. I posted a bit ago about it here. It's important, I know, but I need to keep moving because it's taking up creative time! Bookkeeping is beginning this weekend too. A year in, it should have already been going, you say? You're right, but it isn't, and it will be now...or at least soon. At least I'm kind of excited about it as nerdy as that is! New products will be coming to Keen Peachy's shop soon too. Again, it's all in the timing! This is going on while I add new entries to the latest Minted challenges (you can't win if you don't try) and prep files for other projects that will be available in the coming weeks. More to come on that! That's a little Keen Peachy update...apologies for the verbal circus! Have a great weekend and more to come soon!

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